About Me


Rofiqoh Fithri Atsiri. I was born in the middle of October 1990. Living a random life ever since by switching hobbies and activities frequently due to my moody character. Dreaming of being an architect but end up studying computer science. Dressing girly as a mori kei enthusiast yet still living a modern urban life. Bad at sports but always been in a boyish nature. Procrastinator with huge ambition and idealism. Child at heart and forever will. I am a bunch of characters packed into one.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Fifi! I’m a mori girl myself. I’m Catholic but I swear we wear the same kinds of outfits except for the head scarf. As a practicing Catholic, I’m encouraged to dress modestly and I find that the mori style is both modest and fashionable. Plus, it is so me! I live in a hot and humid climate so I don’t layer too much, but most of your stuff I would totally wear. Like if we share a closet, you would probably wear my stuff too. Totally not kidding. I’m glad I found your blog. Cheers!

    1. Hi, hello too Katie!
      its nice to know you and thanks for visiting my blog.
      you know, its nice to join this kind of mori kei community, they are all so humble, unlike the other fashion and lifestyle related community. I feel blessed 🙂

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